Web Application Optimization

Websites and apps are bigger and more complex than ever and users are demanding app acceleration more and more.

Improving web application performance is more critical than ever. The share of economic activity that’s online is growing; more than 5% of the developed world’s economy is now on the internet. And our always-on, hyper-connected modern world means that user expectations are higher than ever. If your site does not respond instantly, or if your app does not work without delay, users quickly move on to your competitors.

Application performance directly correlates to customer acquisition and satisfaction. Speed, reliability and scalability are, more than ever, critical requirements when building and managing applications.

49% of desktop users expect pages to load in 2 seconds or less

If you fail to meet users' expectations

  • 50% of unhappy visitors will go to a competing site.
  • 35% will have a negative perception of that brand.
  • 22% will never return to the slow site.

We will thoroughly analyze your website or app, trim out any excess fat, and apply state of art optimizations making it perform blazing fast and help you beat your competition.

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Performance Audit

  • Deep dive analysis of your site
  • Performance improvement recommendations
  • Walk through of issues identified
  • Follow up meeting with your team
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