Web Performance Optimization

Faster pages = better business.

Studies performed by Google, Amazon and many others have proved one after another that slower web pages directly impact key business metrics such as convertion rate and sales.

On average one second slower page load time means

  • 7% loss in conversion
  • 11% fall in page views
  • 16% decrease in user satisfaction

Users are increasingly inpatient and will not spend their valuable time or money on your website or app if it’s slow.

Web performance is user experience. Fast page load time builds trust in your site and yields more returning visitors, more users choosing your site over a competitor’s site, and more people trusting your brand.

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Mobile Optimization

Mobile pages that are 1 second faster experience up to 27% increase in conversion rate.

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Web Application Optimization

No matter what the web application in use the most important principles of optimizing it remain the same.  What it cooks up to feed your audience.  You want the end user devices and web browsers (clients?) be fed with healthy snacks of as few bits and bytes as possible in format and manner to digest nice and quick.

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Web Server Optimization

Building amazing websites is only the beginning. Serving, monitoring, securing, and scaling them is where businesses succeed or fail.

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Performance Audit

  • Deep dive analysis of your site
  • Performance improvement recommendations
  • Walk through of issues identified
  • Follow up meeting with your team
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